An universal blockchain explorer for Dispatch labs
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Consign for Dispatch Labs

An universal chrome extension wallet/account explorer for Dispatch labs blockchain

Consign "to send a special message" is a synonym for dispatch.

Consign is a easy way to interact with dispatch labs blockchain.

Demo Video

Consign on Youtube

Components -


Can point and connect to any node for eg - localhost:1975 in case of node running on localhost By default it is pointing to current main testnet node of dispatch labs -


Get all the account info and transaction history of an account by giving the public key of the account


Send an transaction from your account to someone else and get back the status of the transactions (Demo only currently)


  • Clone this repo to your computer
  • open chrome and type url - "chrome://extensions/"
  • turn on Developer mode button from top right corner
  • Drag the repo folder into chrome window
  • It will show up in your chrome bar along with other extension
  • All set, Enjoy your interactions with Dispatch Labs blockchain


Chrome Extensions listing Account Tab/ Extension Home Send Transactions tab


  • Enable Transaction sending functionality
  • Proper Styling (some Css framework)
  • Include ABI, data in transactions
  • Web3 like network Injection to the webpage